Just like we expected, the third debate between President Obama and Governor Romney was very entertaining. There were great exchanges,catchy one-liners, and it was moderated well. The best moment of the debate was the moment President Obama ridiculed Governor Romney criticism of our Navy fleet size and its comparison to the Navy fleet of 1916. 

President Obama said, “Well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets. ... We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines. And so the question is not a game of Battleship, where we're countingships." 
This sarcastic response sparked a massive online creation of “Horses and Bayonets” Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and trends, and much more. But, each debate has generated some level of viral internet activity. The real question we should ask ourselves is; how will anything promised by either candidate affect our daily lives?

Based on each candidate’s responses to questions from the moderator, we can conclude that both men would do just about the same thing. They both won’t rush to war, stay in Afghanistan past 2014, allow Iran to build a nuclear weapon, let the economy revert to a recession, allow China to get away with economic cheating, or not backup Israel in any dispute with other nations. But, there is something to be taken from their similar stances. Both candidates work for the same boss, people that love Israel, and we desperately need some new ideas in the White House.

While I do not hate Jewish people, I am growing tired of this issue dominating Foreign affairs conversations. Is there no other way to be influential in the Middle East outside of being best buddies with Israel? I can’t wait for the day a viable presidential candidate steps up and admits that Israel is not our top concern when it comes to foreign affairs. Don’t get me wrong, we should maintain a good relationship with Israel, but what is our relationship status with our neighbors, Canada and Mexico? How is our relationship developing with South American countries and African nations? Last night, I can only recall one instance in which Africa was mentioned. Wouldn’t it help our Middle East relations to assist with stabilizing and strengthening the influence of Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia? If we accomplished
this, Iran would be surrounded by strong American allies and this region of the world would experience more peace. These actions would also open up more trade with resource rich nations. But this will never happen in a two party dominate political system.

Until we change the way Washington D.C. works, it will always be the same. We will hear more of the same and our relationships with nations other than Israel will suffer. How do we do this? Just remember one truth about American government, money has more influence than race, sex, gender, or religion. 



09/01/2016 8:17pm

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